SiteRubix Review 2019: Build Your Free WordPress Website in 3 Minute

I am writing this content for the sake of everyone who makes their daily living through Internet Technology or Affiliate Marketing.

Your chance has come to build your free WordPress website in less than 3 minute without paying a dime, and with zero coding knowledge, everything is stress-free.

Also, the main reason of using this SiteRubix is that we can build the website in Monetizing Purpose.

And that's why we are going to have a look at SiteRubix which will use to build a free Website.

Before we get started right away in building our free Website with SiteRubix, we gotta clear the minds of those who have a doubt or question about this site builder tool.

Quick Overview about SiteRubix Website Builder

SiteRubix is a free WordPress site builder that is powered by Kyle and Carson (co-founders of  Wealthy Affiliate) to help you build a professional website.

Basically, They offer Paid and Free versions.

With the free version, you can start right away on and build two free advanced websites with zero price.

You can simply access the paid version if you are a premium membership on Wealthy Affiliate.

You will also get step-by-step training on how to build up your site to your better taste for free, no charges.

​​​​Who should use SiteRubix?

SiteRubix is very useful for beginners as it is straightforward to use, and with the training that you are taken through, you can easily set up a good-looking website regardless of the kind of knowledge you have in web development.


Everybody can make use of SiteRubix but to make it easier for you, check the list of those that can benefit from SiteRubix.

  • ​Bloggers
  • ​Affiliate Marketers
  • ​Digital Marketer/Internet Marketer
  • Product Branding

Actually, SiteRubix has designed especially for Affiliate Marketers as Wealthy Affiliate is the place that teaches people about affiliate marketing.

SiteRubix Pros and Cons

Let's look into SiteRubix Pros and Cons


  • Easy to set up and install. 
  • No coding experience is required.
  • Build up to two WordPress sites for Free.
  • They generally have some excellent WordPress plugins installed for free such as Image Optimization plugin, Cache & minify management plugin.
  • SSL certificates are provided and installed for free
  • They provide Site Comment and Site Feedback features where you can request the comments for your each blog posts or get feedback about your website from millions of professional members of Wealthy Affiliate(for Premium members)
  • You can get tons of Training courses and knowledge, weekly webinars(they call it WAbinar - so cute, right) that guide you to build your website successfully and actually make money from it (Which I love the most - for Premium members)
  • Keyword research tool which is called Jaaxy(for Premium members)
  • They provide thousands of free WordPress responsive themes(for Premium members) for a professional site, and you can change them whenever you want.
  • Anti-Spam Protection & Anti-Hack Protection
  • 500k visitors/Month Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 24/7 website monitoring and daily backups
  • The 24/7 assistance and support team is super-fast and awesome (This is the option that I loved the most. :))


  • Free member will only have access to build two free sites
  • As a starter member, your free site will have a subdomain extension of
  • You cannot access to CPanel as their support team manages it on behalf of you.
  • There's no option to upgrade to VPS or Dedicated Hosting - It only provides Shared Hosting.
  • It’s only for WordPress website.

How to Build Your Free WordPress Website with SiteRubix

You can successfully build your free websites now with SiteRubix in less than a minute or two.

Let's check out how we could do that - Follow these steps accordingly:

Steps to build website with SiteRubix


First of all, visit the SiteRubix website here and right there on the home screen, input the name of the site you would like to build and click "Build My Free Website!" button to continue.


Note: Once you pick a domain name, you cannot change it later.


Now, you will have to decide which type of Website you want to build as you will be given the free subscription which you can choose two domains and two sites.


And you can either choose, on a free domain ( or on a domain that you already own, like;, or or you can buy a new domain name on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.


Choose the domain name and make sure it is available.
When you build a free website, you select a subdomain because your site is part of the domain.
It looks like this:, and they will tell you if the domain name is available.


Choose a title for your Website. Let your title look similar to your domain name. You can change it anytime if you are not satisfied with the title.


Choose a theme for your Website.
There are thousands of themes you can select, choose the one you like and continue to the next step.
You can always change your theme whenever you want if you decide that you want to change the look of your Website.


Once you are set with the above steps, you will see a button like screenshot below.

Click on it - Boom! You are done now! It will show up a process bar, and it would take less than a minute to be completed.

Once your site is established successfully, you can now start adding content.

As you can see, there's no coding skill required to build a site and it's pretty easy to use.

Awesome, huh?

Have a look at what we have done in this screenshot below.


This Website is Hosted on SiteRubix as well.

Why Did I Choose SiteRubix Over Others?

I am sure you have now seen for yourself how easy it is to build your free WordPress website without any coding skills.

Yes, absolutely there are many website builders platforms out there, and SiteRubix is just one of them.

But there are a few reasons that make me choose SiteRubix to give a try.

  • It's 100% WordPress CMS, and it's powered by Wealthy Affiliate (I am a premium member of WA. :))
  • ​NO Hidden Costs, get a free WordPress website for 100% FREE
  • ​Don't need to pay Hosting Fees
  • ​Site can also get ranked easily in Search Engines in the aspect of SEO with SiteRubix Website
  • Professional coaches, tons of training videos and courses, and weekly webinars are there to help you build the website successfully(Which I love the most)
  • They provide Jaaxy keyword research tool which is the only keyword tool that I am using now
  • I personally love Site Comment and Site Feedback feature that I can request comments and feedback at any time from millions of Wealthy Affiliate members
  • Provide free tools to build Website to a standard level
  • ​Offer 24/7 support on your Website

What You Will Benefit When You Use SiteRubix Site Builder


Once you decide to build up your Website with SiteRubix, you will have access to choose from some great selection of WordPress themes that you can use and customize to your taste in any niche.

SSL Certificate

If you are worried about installing the SSL certificate on your site which is somehow complicated to do on another site builder platform, with SiteRubix, you can install SSL on your site for free just by one click once you have your domain.


With your free subscription to SiteRubix, you will have benefit from a robust hosting platform that is powered by Wealthy Affiliate.
Your sites will be monitored 24/7 with full protection against hacking, spamming, viruses and all other forms of malware.


Apart from the above features that you will enjoy from SiteRubix, this is one and the most wonderful feature that everyone will found amazing from SiteRubix.
Because when you join as a free member you will have access to 10 free training lessons that will teach you how to use your site which includes how you can make money online, set up your site SEO friendly, create content, and many more.


If you decide to increase your chance of making it big with your site, then with  SiteRubix Premium account, you will get unlimited training to take your website to a high level with a face to face coaching, weekly live webinars and theme-specific classrooms that allow you to communicate with other members.

You can enjoy all these for $49 per month. ($19 for the first month)

Other Cool Features on SiteRubix

SiteRubix has tools designed to keep your site in optimal conditions.

It can track the health of your site and give you information about when your Website is indexed on Search Engines.

And you will get recommendations on how some plug-ins on your site works, the amount of content that your site has and needs.

How much does SiteRubix cost?

You can start with SiteRubix subdomain and build your Website just for free - with no credit card required

But you will only have access to create two websites.

But if you want to create multiple websites with your own domain names(not with SiteRubix subdomains), you can go for the premium.

It is going to cost you $49 monthly, $359 annually for hosting your website PLUS all amazing Wealthy Affiliate features and you will have up to 25 premium hosts and 25 free sites.

If you don’t have a domain yet, you can buy one there and it is $13.99 annually.


SiteRubix is not the best option for someone who’s looking to fully manage their website by themselves.
And the cost seems to be a bit higher than the others if you don’t realize the real value of the other features that Wealthy Affiliate provides.
But It could be the best option for someone who's going to create a passive income website with affiliate marketing.

So Before you go ahead with SiteRubix, I would recommend you to check out what Wealthy Affiliate is and what they provide.

And If you would like to get started now, Click Here!

Hi Ladies and Dudes! Greetings from another part of the world! This is Eli and Owner of Digitized Profit. It's so great to meet you here. I have been a software developer for over a decade and I am still doing it as it's my passion. I started my online business in 2014 in many different ways. Failed, New Try, Failed, New Try, Failed, New Try...: This is a bit copy of me. Finally, I was able to make my own way to success with the help of Wealthy Affiliate which is a Super Community for online entrepreneurs. Read more about Why WA is the Best Place for people who are struggling to build their own business.

  • I just love SiteRubix! This was the first platform I used to create both my websites. And just like you have said, there was no coding involved, whatsoever. I love that with SIteRubix, I could get to choose my own website design and alter it here and there, making it just like I like.I have since upgraded so I do not have the SiteRubix extension. The transfer to a domain was smooth, I did not loose any article in the process and I was amazed at the several themes and designs that were on the Premium upgrade. There is no reason not to create a website, as you have SiteRubix for free. 

  • Thanks for taking your time to give a very comprehensive and in depth research. I have always wanted a standard platform that would build my website without stress. A friend recommended this siterubix for me and after going through this review I think this is exactly what I need as a beginner in affiliate marketing. The fact that it can track the health of the site and give information about when the website is indexed on Search Engines is a moral booster and green light for me. The guidelines are easy to follow. Kudos to you.

  • I also started out my affiliate marketing venture with two small SiteRubix websites years ago. I have since upgraded as I wanted to create more websites and get my own domain names. The great thing about this platform is that if you decide to leave or go to another website host, you can keep your site in tact, so you don’t lose all your hard work. 

    The other thing that I love about this platform is that it is so easy to use and you don’t need any prior technical experience to set up a website.  The training is also great. 

  • This is a great article to learn more about SiteRubix!  After reading it, I’m so glad that I committed my time and efforts to Wealthy Affiliate.  I love how they integrate everything so smoothly for its members to begin a successful foundation-laying blueprint aimed for success.  The images you chose to use exemplify the simplicity of the steps outlined in the WA training, proving how simple creating a website can be.  I’m glad I’m with WA – there is no other platform like it.  Thanks again for writing this article!  Best of luck to you – blessings!

  • Siterubix is the real deal for website hosting and it works in an unimaginably awesome ways. I like it particularly for the offer of a free website and the various features it boasts of that makes it exceptionally well. I like the SSL certificate that it issues and also, the incredible speed of the sites hosted on it. The plugins are great too. Such a total package it is. I have my websites hosted on it too currently and I couldn’t ask for more. Thanks

  • Wow, I have been meaning to own my own web page for some time now and I had no ideas how I can go about it. From your description of siterubix, it seem really cool and what makes it wonderful the mosy is i can get to do it on my own picking whichever theme I want and all. I’ll love to give it a try but I’m currently not a member of wealthy affiliate, after getting the required training there, I’ll give siterubix a trial.

  • Interesting review. Siterubix is so amazing and super fast to set up. For me, siterubix beats other free website builder and hosting platforms that I know. If I must choose between the free versions of wix, blogspot, free WordPress, and siterubix, I’ll go for siterubix for many reasons, but mainly because you can customise it the way you want, you have reasonable amount of control, and no one is placing ads, banners, or headers on your site. Thanks

  • Hi Eli and thank for such a well-researched and detailed article listing all the features of SiteRubix and its benefits. I think for anyone new to building their own website it offers a great range of positive and useful features so it’s a great place to start creating a website and trying out ideas.

  • I’ve been seeing this online and wondered if this is true so I’m going to try the tool and see if it’s really easy to build a website with Site Rubix. In one of the videos I watched on Youtube, there’s one guy in the name Kyle who said that you can build a site in 3 minutes, then here you said you can build a website in 1 minute? Maybe in the next article about Site Rubix it will be in 30 seconds!

  • You mentioned that siterubix cost is higher. I would have to disagree because with siterubix you get the ssl, hosting for up to 50 sites- 25 free and 25 premium plus the site support tools 24/7 on top of that you get email with each . All of that you would have to pay extra for with any other hosting or crm out there. That alone makes it a worthwhile deal. Not to mention all the tousands of hours of top notch training that comes with your membership to Wealthy Affiliate. Second to none!!

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