Pick A Brandable Domain Name

As a second step, we will be talking about choosing a brandable domain name, like how thoroughly do you need to think about the domain name or is that really very important?

When you have a quality business and website, people will start visiting your website quite often no matter what your domain is, right?

Wait, actually, not that fast. 

Well, in this lesson, I will show you, with this step-by-step guide, how to select the domain name without giving a second thought.


You need to know that buy a brandable domain na​​​​me is a critical element of your site.

It will either make or break your website or business; thus, you have to select the domain name, which is related to your business and works out positively.

Well, you may ask, why is a domain name essential?

3 Main reasons to have a domain name

  • The domain name is your “first impression” and your URL will be the first thing that your visitors may see.
    The right domain name will make a positive and long-lasting impression, whereas a bad domain name will make your visitors running away.

  • Domain name affects SEO.
    Whereas exact match domains or EMDs are not a necessity, but, keywords in the domain name will help in your SEO rank.

  • Domain name defines your brand.
    It is one kind of branding opportunity, and the right domain name will increase your brand recognition.

As you can see, these are some elements and reasons why a domain name is essential.

How to select the good domain name to start with? That is what I am going to share with you today.

This short learning course will let you know the basics of what you have to know about the domain names – in simple terms.

Alright, Let’s get started.

What is Domain Name?​​​​

The domain name is the name of your website; it is an address that identifies your website.

The domain name will be your online address, and It’s quite similar to rent a retail shop or space in the real world.

You are reserving an online place where people will find you and know what you offer.


Most likely any domain name begins with www & ends with .com:

  • www.google.com
  • www.facebook.com
  • www.amazon.com

After entering this domain name in your browser, you will be taken to the website and explore it. 

Thus, domain names are the translated version of an actual website address.

Picking a domain name is the first stage for hosting a website.

When you have a domain name, you will be able to create the store, portfolio, blog, or anything you want.

You get two practical benefits of using a domain name. 

  • Firstly, it offers the best location for somebody to explore your brand.
  • Secondly, it helps in building a consistent and effective brand.

As I mentioned above, It’s like your first impression on the internet.

If your name is trustworthy and accurate, people will come and stay for longer on your website.  

But, when they find it dodgy, they will leave. 

Choosing the perfect domain name is a vital part to launch a business. 

Get this right, and reap the vast benefits.

If you get this wrong, your website may have to fight uphill combat. ( No pressure 🙂 )

How does it work?

Let’s have a look at the simplified illustration of what happens and how it works.


Image from ComputerHope.com - https://www.computerhope.com/jargon/d/dns.htm

  • Firstly, you type the domain name into your browser, and it will be sent as the request to DNS Servers.
  • DNS Servers will go through some steps to check out the IP addresses for a domain name and drive it back to the browser. 
  • The browser sends an HTTP request to an IP address.
  • Server with that particular IP returns the site to render in a browser.

5 CheckLists To Have Good Domain Name

When you are picking a domain name, you need to look at these five checklists to consider.

If you tick on all five of the boxes, you will have the crisp, clear, and original domain name that propels your brand ahead.


CheckList 1 - Suits Your Brand Name 

Make sure your domain name is consistent and transparent with your business or brand name.
It makes your website simple to find and lessen any friction in this process.

It means if you are starting the new brand right from scratch, you must factor your name to your company or brand.
And if there is no domain name available, think of tweaking your name to fit in.


CheckList 2 - Confirm Simple to Spell & Say 

Your brand name must be simple to spell.
There must be a comfort to tell your friends about your name.
And they must hear it and understand how it is spelled.
There are three key benefits for the great domain:

  • Must be memorable
  • Can be recommended
  • Simpler to find & access

Triple check your domain name and make sure that it does not look inappropriate while write down with the words joined together.


CheckList 3 - Short Enough and Accurate 

Make sure your domain name is short.
Because it will be simple to share, learn, and talk about.
People trends to remember which is very simple. 🙂

There is a reason why Amazon is not called:
“Online Megastore By Jeff To Find Everything You Want.” Lol.

It is worth to keep your idea short.
But your domain name needs to have all the essential information.
Anyways, if the domain name has to be longer, it is fine.
Just do not go overboard and include unnecessary information.


CheckList 4 - Must Not be a Google Keyword

This is important; your domain name must not be the Google keyword.

It was usual practice for a long time to create what is called Exact Match Domain.

It was the domain name that was based on the profitable Google keyword such as:

  • Top kitchen appliances
  • Buy best drones
  • Cheap sunglasses

Google has these domains a little extra traffic.
However, as the development in the search engine, they got a little smart to such technique, and started marking plenty of such domains as “spam”.
Suddenly, websites lost huge in their revenue and customers because they would build their business that was at beck & call of Google algorithm.
So, it is good to focus on the branded domain names or build the business that will live outside of the search engine!


CheckList 5 - Ends in .com (or Target Country) 

The domain name you choose should end with (.com).

Because .com is a standard suffix for websites across the world.
It is ingrained deeply in society, and thus simple to remember.
Also, (.com) extension is location free and enables you to attract more visitors from across the world.

There are just two exceptions for this rule:

  • Ecommerce
    The .com is assumed widely to be an eCommerce suffix for the USA. When you are not selling worldwide (do not plan to), then you must go with your target country’s suffix.
  • Location bound
    When creating the publication and store targeted to the people in a particular specific country, you need to stick to the relevant suffix (such as .co.uk and .jp)

If you’re planning to build the website and sell in the future, then .com domain will be straightforward to trade.

But as we are doing affiliate marketing, that is for all over the world right? 

So .com would be recommended as a suffix of the domain name.

Ok, that's enough theory on how to choose a good domain name. 🙂

4 simple steps to own A Perfect Domain Name

As mentioned earlier, selecting the domain name is a highly important decision that you need to make.

To find brandable domain names, however, will be very difficult.

Because 1.94 billion domain names are already registered in 2019, brilliant amount, isn't it? 🙂

So the obvious ones might be already taken. 

But make it easy, choosing Domain name availability is unlimited.  🙂

So, how do we know if the domain name is perfect or not?


Make it brandable

This will make you stand out from your competitor and easy to remember and convey the true character to the target audience.
There is not any exact definition of what makes the name brandable.
Basically, anything can be brandable in the right niche, right context, and the right time.
Let us take one example, we all know “Apple”, it is the name of the fruit, but it is also the name of the popular technology brands.


Check Out Brand Name Availability

The first step will be using domain name checker and see if the brand name you want is available.
Possibly, you are looking to get a domain www.[brandname].com. Just type your brand name on google search, and check whether it is available or not.


Generate Possible Variations

It is not the end even if the brandable domain names that you want are not available.
Try to get creative, add various prefixes and suffixes and create something totally new!
When you have come up with some ideas, put them back in Formal Founder and see if it is available.
If you find out one you like, move on to the next.


Recheck Your Brand Availability & Buy it

Yep, needless to explain further for this step. 🙂

Long in short these steps, I would recommend online tools that I love to use for my domain name search.
It provides instant domain search.

Hmm, So Where to buy domain names?

The domain names can be bought from the domain registrars.

It is a company that actually manages the domain names reservation.

But, to earn the accreditation, it is very important for a company to meet the financial, operational, as well as technical criteria to qualify as the registrar.

To me, NameCheap is an affordable place for buying domain names.

You can see several variations with suffix and each domain name values as well there.

The simple reasons that I love NameCheap are their awesome support and excellent price.

Here given are some steps on how to register the domain name with the Namecheap.

1.  Visit Namecheap.com


Just enter in your domain and click on “Search” button.

2. Choose from an available domain name and add cart


Select your choice from available domain list and click on "Add to Cart" button.

3. Go to View Cart and Complete your purchase


If you sign up for a year or more gives you a limited discount, so it is recommended that you start off with one year.

If you spend some bucks for getting the proper domain name that you own fully, it can help in the branding as well.

P.S. The domain name generally costs $10 per year. 


When you buy the domain name, it may ask you to purchase other additional products, such as hosting and WordPress packages.

Consider to buy web hosting from Other Hosting services, such as HostGator, Bluehost, Dreamhost, A2 hosting etc. if you are not tight with budget.

You may do it with a faster and reliable services.

When you have found the perfect domain name appropriate for your website, the next step is to secure this as early as possible.

You do not know when somebody else may think of the same name or buy it before you.

Wrapping Up

When you have purchased the domain, it is time you go online.

Your website name is now your reserved space on the internet, but hosting will turn this in the living & working website that people may visit.

We will be talking about how to choose the appropriate hosting server for your business in the next lesson.

I hope this course has helped you to get a better idea of how to select the domain name, and first steps you must take for getting this online.

Always remember that your domain name must be sweet, short, memorable, and simple to spell. 🙂

Suppose you can do it, well, you are already a winner.

How helpful was this guide for you? (Don’t forget to like & share this article. :))

Do you still have any queries or sticking points that you want any help with? 

Let me know in our comments sections, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Pro Tip

  • Use NameMesh to find domain name, and give attention to Similar section there.
  • Determine your domain based on your picked niche.

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