How To Choose an Appropriate Niche for Affiliate Marketing

As a first step, we are going to be talking about Niche, i.e., what is a niche website, how to choose and use a niche for affiliate marketing efficiently, etc.

“Pick a niche” is like a first step when you are starting an affiliate business.

Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest ways to earn money passively.

You might come across product review websites with products directly linked to Amazon website. This is how most of these sites primarily earn their profit.

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Affiliate websites provide an opportunity for people to select their field of interest and generate a passive income over time. However, if you are unaware of your inherent capabilities and end up choosing the wrong niche, then you will not receive the desired results for your efforts.

That’s why we are talking about the niche as the first step of affiliate marketing startup.

Therefore, it is significant to understand your potential before heading to the selection of the niche.

It might seem that there is nothing profitable for you to choose or begin with; however, it is just your perception.

Your goal as a beginner should not focus on making a lot of money; instead, it should be getting started and making a little amount of money.

With affiliate marketing, you can quickly transform your hobbies and interests into profit with just the magic of your hands. It can even be a form of passive income.

Here’s why.

You only need to invest a couple of hours or maybe minutes in writing, editing, and polishing an article or product review.

Once it is done, you can leave it posted on your blog and wait for it to generate you money in the future.

This is the potential of Affiliate marketing, and to make it happen, you need to select the appropriate niche to start with.

Your time is precious, so let us get started with it!

What Is A Niche?


When it comes to affiliate marketing, You need to pick a niche or product.

This little detail is a big one for your earnings.

Niche is the expression utilized for describing a particular field of business in the market. There are a large number of people who are using this term in different ways.

But don’t panic, because the niche for you in terms can be anything.

These could be your niche

  • If you have a particular interest in something
  • If you are very passionate about something
  • If you have confidence in something

However, there is one thing that you need to consider when you choose your niche, that is, “Can I really make money with my niche?”

And we will be talking about that in detail during this article, so Make sure you keep reading this to the end. 🙂

What Is A Niche Website?

A niche site is where you only talk about a specific topic or sometimes product, usually in the form of a review.

For example, your site can be all about the ketogenic diet. This will be your niche.

Thus, all the posts on your site will be about the ketogenic diet.

This can be through giving a review of the Top 5 Keto Coffee or best lunch containers for meal prepping.

Your niche can be a location, a particular interest, or anything that a group of people can share a commonality with.

While there are loads of platforms that have affiliate programs (Such as, ClickBank, Walmart, Clicksure, etc.), in this article, we will primarily focus on the Amazon affiliate program since it’s the most common and popular way to earn using an affiliate program.

Other affiliate programs also work similarly.

So, for the Amazon affiliate program, what most of the marketers usually do is review products listed on Amazon and have a link (with their tag definitely) that will redirect readers to Amazon’s product page and earn up to 10% commissions when readers purchase those products.

How to Find a Niche for Affiliate Marketing?

What shape of chocolate would you choose?

Finding the right niche would mostly predict the success of your website. This is perhaps the most crucial decision you will make when starting your affiliate marketing journey.

But if you have no prior experience in blogging, you might be clueless as to what your website will be about.

While most beginners would immediately look for highly profitable niches, it should not be the first thing you should look for.

Start by knowing what your real interests or hobbies are.

That way, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to come up with regular posts for your website once it is up online.

The big mistake beginners make to randomly pick a profitable niche without actually being knowledgeable about it.

This will only set you up for failure.

Write about something that you’re already continually using or at least familiar with.

This will make things a lot easier in the long run, thus, enabling you to generate more profit.

List down your interests and hobbies and narrow them down later.

You can narrow them down by determining how much competition there is in that niche. I will discuss those in the following sections.

Types of Niches

Generally, online niches can be categorized into three: high, medium, and low competition.

This categorizing will help you decide which particular niche is most suitable to your capabilities and knowledge, as well as your expertise in affiliate marketing in general.

  • High Competition Niche

This niche mostly involves broad topics and interests like mobile phones, laptops, makeup, clothes, etc.

You can imagine that thousands, if not millions, of blogs about these topics, already exist.

Loads of established review blogs and websites wrote about them, making it more challenging to compete with them.

Unless you have something new to bring to the table or you have a very high budget to create a unique and stunning website, you should stay away from these niches.

  • Medium Competition Niche

This niche is somewhere in the middle of too saturated and very limited.

It’s the niche category where you have a good chance of ranking in.

However, this will not come very quickly as this will require a great effort on your part.

These are niches like luxury cars and watches, vacuum cleaners, baby strollers, etc.

When you look up these niches on a search engine, you’ll come across the right amount of websites that are mainly operating for affiliate marketing.

However, there are not too many of them that you can’t make a name for yourself.

  • Low Competition Niche

Bloggers love this niche category.

It’s considered to be one of the best niches for affiliate marketing.

It’s straightforward to rank in, and there’s almost little to no competition.

While most would think that a niche with no competition doesn’t exist, the reality is there’s still plenty of unoccupied niches.

Long-time prominent affiliate marketers might overlook them because of their potential to generate low income or just the rarity of the niche.

But if you’re someone who knows a lot about a specific and unpopular niche, it might be your chance to succeed online.

Niche selection
  • Demand

The number one thing to take into consideration when choosing a niche is the demand for the products you’re going to feature.

That means you need to think about your audience first before you go.

Do you think the products you are targeting could actually sell at least ten units each per day?

  • Price

The next thing to look at is the price of the products in the niche.

Ideally, you want to feature expensive products because this means a higher commission.

That is called High Ticket Affiliate Marketing, which I’ve learned from Wealthy Affiliate.

Yep, Sometimes it works if that is unique and has no competition or low competition in the market.

Anyways, there are only a few chances of winning possibilities with this.

But this doesn’t mean you don’t have to promote these kinds of products. You can do that, and even if you win just only one, that could also be awesome. 🙂

Also, the safe rule is to list products that are at least $20 to at least make a reasonable profit and go beyond just breaking even from your site costs.

Of course, this will still depend on the demand for a particular product.

So Let’s say you are mainly targeting regular price product, neither not too high nor too low.

And Your chance of making a sale would be much higher.

  • Less competition

If you’re a beginner, it’s highly discouraged to feature products like mobile phones and other gadgets as this niche is already fully saturated.

The chances of anyone even taking a second look at your blog are very slim because there are so many websites that spent lots of money perfecting their layout and content.

It’s doubtful that you can rank in this category.

You can try narrowing down this niche to find the best niches for affiliate marketing in this category.

Beyond all the points which are listed above, the main thing that we need to consider is to select a profitable niche.

What is A Profitable Niche?

A profitable niche is literally the niche that could make you much profit.

Do you remember the self-question which I’ve mentioned above? – “Can I really make money with my niche?”

Yes, that’s the point.

The answer is you can make money with any niche, but only profit scale will be different.

So what we need to make sure is that the niche we selected makes a lager scale of profit.

That’s why your interest won’t be the only thing that will matter when choosing a niche.

If you’re getting into affiliate marketing, it’s crucial to get into a profitable niche; otherwise, your good work won’t yield the results and profit that you desire.

A profitable niche is one of the best niches for affiliate marketing.

Choosing A Profitable Niche
  • Something easy to find online

Choose a niche that’s easily searchable on the internet.

It’s ideal for picking a niche that users would actually search for online.

This gives you a higher chance of people buying the products online through your affiliate link on your website, thus, giving you a commission.

Take note that if no one searches & buys the featured product on your website, you won’t be able to make any commission – that means no profit.

  • Try To Seek Inspiration From Your Hobbies

As mentioned earlier, in the affiliate marketing business, selecting something as your niche that you enjoy doing is always a good idea to go with.

For example, if you enjoy cooking, it might be a good idea, to begin with, the cookware.

The central concept at the beginning with your favorite hobby could be the existing knowledge with the topics, which will save your time and energy in doing additional research.

Furthermore, it will be less stressful to continue with your writing process.

It is evident that if you are choosing something that you are not interested in working on, your work will sound more like an obligated chore.

  • Something that people spend money

Even if you’re an affiliate marketer, the chunk of marketing shouldn’t come from you, especially if you’re a beginner and have no prior experience in the field.

Thus, you should find a particular niche that already has an excellent existing marketing strategy.

Find a niche that people spend money on and give value to them.

  • Best Selling Products

Don’t stress it out. If you lack ideas right now, you can go ahead and check out Amazon’s bestsellers section.

There, you’ll find all the products that are being continuously bought in large amounts.

This section of the website is being updated hourly. You’re sure to find the right profitable niche in this section.

You can also use other online store websites to check out their bestseller list.

This will give you a gist of the types of products that sell really well.

Check out This Training Lesson to give you a more extensive look at finding a profitable niche for affiliate marketing.

  • Find Fields With Minimum Competition

It is quite evident that not all niches have the same level of demand.

If your niche is more significant in its appeal, it will be harder to break your applied efforts into it.

The idea is to get a little competition; with sufficient traffic to support your affiliate marketing product.

If you try to build your niche to be quite competitive, it will take longer for you to establish a unique place in the business of affiliate marketing.

For example, I’m interested in the cooking blog, which is quite a big right?

And different researches by Google prove that there are thousands of other cooking blogs on the internet.

So what? There is no doubt that it would take a longer time for me to profit with my work if I go further with this cooking blog, right?

Therefore, I will need to look for a specific niche concerning cooking by narrowing it down.

– cookware brand

– cooking plan

– cooking baked food

– cooking materials

– Etc.

And I will choose one of them and check it out on Google again to make sure.

Here are tips that you need to keep in mind with this.

Tip1. Don’t be too broad
There will be much more competition if you choose a niche which is too broad such as Mobile Phone, Cooking, Art, Music, etc.

Tip2. Don’t be too narrow
You might lose your source of the writings very soon if you choose a niche which is too narrow. You need to make sure that you can write more than months or years with your selected niche.

For more information, You can check out this article.

This is a considerable way of making higher ranking with a minimum amount of effort.

We will be talking about the more details on how to determine competition of niche in the following section.

  • Go For A Powerful Niche

Selecting a niche with the minimum competition is not the only way of succeeding in the business of affiliate marketing; however, getting an active topic that will provide as much deepness in writing will be significant for the success of your website.

You will never run out of topics and innovative ideas to write about.

  • You can make a list of the depth of different niches
  • Try putting limitations to your niche until you get a perfect and most comfortable niche to write about.

You will want to revise and repeat your research for better or guaranteed results.

When your interested hobby matches the requirements of the affiliate marketing site, you will be all ready to get started.

However, be very mindful that affiliate marketing is not going to generate income in a week or two.

Try to invest your efforts in something that you are passionate about, and you will be on track to generate income for the coming months or years.

You will begin seeing significant profitable results after generating a considerable amount of content on your website.

If your niche is pretty competitive, the first few months will harder for you.

So, be patient and keep up your great work!

How to Determine Competition of a Particular Niche?

Niche marketing is like a competition.
It’s obvious that you will have much more opportunity to win a game if you are in a match with a less competitive team.

Competition is something that will significantly affect your website’s performance and profits. Thus, it’s vital to conduct extensive research about the specific niche you want to choose.

We’ve discussed the category of niches depending on their competitiveness.

But how do you accurately figure out how competitive a particular niche really is?

There are a few things you can do yourself to figure it out.

First, you can explore Google’s Search Engine Result Pages or SERP.

Type the keywords of the products that are within your niche.

This might be a time-consuming way to do this, but it’s highly effective and will really give you an accurate view of how competitive the niche is.

You can also check out web tools that calculate the earning potential of a particular niche.

This is helpful to give you a rough estimate of how much a niche would earn if you were to start it.

Apart from the potential profit, it would also give you figures of actual buyers, purchase rate, average SERP position, etc.

All of which will be valuable in your journey to building a site for affiliate marketing.

Here are some tips that can do wonders for you:

  • Begin making a list of the niches and ideas related to them.
  • Utilize the Google Keyword Planner Tool to find the significant search volume of the keywords.
  • It will be helpful to look for these keywords in search of 2000-5000 range.
    Moreover, these will be ideal with minimum competition.
  • Combination use of the other paid online keyword tools such as Jaaxy could boost up your hard work.
Remember, your target will be to get the multiple numbers of these keywords on your affiliated website for enhancing the traffic of your audiences.
When you are thinking about the niche for your website, you need to make sure that you got enough material for future blogs.

When your website is all ready, you can write about relevant topics in the future.

Profitable Niches List

  • Health and Wellness

Everyone will always want to improve their health. It’s hard to come across anyone who doesn’t want to do something good for their overall health and wellness. This is why this is a particularly profitable niche.

  • Beauty and Skincare

In the advent of social media, beauty and skincare are the topmost priority for most people, especially women.

  • Gadgets

Everyone’s always looking to get a hold of the newest mobile phone or laptop nowadays. This makes this niche a very profitable one.

  • Fitness

Weight loss is something most people struggle with. Thus, most people seek for products that could aid in their fitness journey.

  • Pet Care

Pets are like children. Pet owners are willing to spend a lot on their pets.

  • Fashion

This includes clothes, underwear, bags, shoes, wallets and everything you would wear. Hard to come from someone who doesn’t buy these things regularly.

Of course, It doesn’t mean that only these niches are profitable.

There are many more profitable niches that you can find out.

Making money while you sleep is just the dream!

With affiliate marketing, you can let your work make money for you even while you’re sleeping.

This is the reason why it’s essential to get it right from the very beginning to avoid wasting your effort and time.

Find the best niches for affiliate marketing, and you’re already halfway your journey to earning money.

Whether you’re a complete newbie when it comes to affiliate marketing or you already have extensive knowledge in this area, you should check out Wealthy Affiliate. They have over 14 years of experience, helping millions of online entrepreneurs succeed online.

So what niche would you choose?

I know that choosing a niche is not a simple thing as I faced before. But keep it simple as it’s not really a big deal. 🙂

Feel free leave a comment below if you have any difficulties in choosing your niche.

Pro Tips

  • Try to do lazy and comprehensive research.
  • Keep track of all the helpful advertisements that you come across with.
  • Go for a profitable affiliate marketing program.
  • Have a strong belief in the working of the company that you are connected with.
    Establishing and developing strong relationships with the company will enhance your integrity concerning the products as well.
  • Try to use inexpensive tools for your affiliate marketing program.
  • Establish a continuous communication with the owner of your business.
  • Stay away from frauds and bad links.
  • Pay profound attention to your content

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