Namecheap Full Review 2019: Best Deal For Domain Names

One of the excellent web hosting and domain service you can get right now is fully covered in this Namecheap full review to give you the right information about what you might not be aware of about their hosting services.

About Namecheap

This best web hosting and domain provider company was founded by Richard Kirkendall in early 2000 with the vision of giving average internet users an exceptional service and economically-priced domain names with all the best features required like secure data protection, unbeatable service levels, and first-class support to all customers.

And over the years, Namecheap has grown numerically to over one million satisfied customers, and they have successfully hosted over three million domain names.
They are currently based in Phoenix, Arizona, with an expert team.
They basically provide low-cost domain registration, hosting, SSL certificates, and much more.
What they value the most are be honest, friendly, straightforward, and be helpful at all times.

Namecheap’s Main Features

These are the quick list of the main features you will benefit from Namecheap hosting and domain services.

  • 100% uptime service level agreement (SLA). 
  • Full Daily backups
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free(1-year) website builder
  • Free(1-year) website domain name and privacy protection
  • Speedy pages load suitable for any business
  • Free SSL Certificates – Included 50 Positive SSL certificates
  • Latest server technology from brands like Supermicro, Dell, and HP
  • Free sites migration from other hosting providers
  • Easy to use control panel that makes things easier for you to maintain
  • Easy access to upgrade your hosting package if your business grows big for the current package
  • Softaculous installer tool that enables you to use WordPress or other apps with just a few clicks
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Namecheap Uptime, Speed, Support and Money Back Guarantee

Namecheap Uptime

One of the most crucial qualities every business holder should check when going for any hosting plan is their uptime rate because this will determine whether your site is running standard.

Why? because whenever a website is down or offline, a revenue and visitors are missed because they won’t be able to access your site.

namecheap uptime

That’s true. And Namecheap is giving you an uptime rate of 99.9% to keep your site running up regularly with no breakdown.

Apart from this, they are offering you compensation whenever they couldn’t continue to this promise.

Namecheap Speed

Most at times, Website speed is even more matter than uptime rate because visiting a site that is slow and unresponsive usually means you will never type its URL again.

Namecheap is offering you fairly good speed to keep your site running fast all the time.

I could be able to see that some other Namecheap reviews said they are not fast enough.

So I’ve managed to test run a few sites speed running directly with Namecheap hosting, and I was being assured that their average speed wasn’t that bad. In fact, that was good enough, I can say.

Because the time it takes for the first byte to be sent back from the server was very OK, and the page loads fully within a second.

I am honestly not a fan of Namecheap yet, so I am going to have more comparison tests between the hosting servers.

One thing I can say for now is that, With Namecheap, you will get a good average speed for a low-price fee.

Customer Support and Help

Getting a hosting service with quality technical support gives unimaginable peace of mind.

And you will be settled knowing that there are trained experts who are ready to help with your hosting related issue, and this gives you confidence in the web hosting service.

Namecheap customer support, they are offering you a standard 24/7 customer support to help you just in case something goes wrong with your hosting package.

You will attend through these fast responding ways from their support team, which are: E-Mails, 24/7/365 live chat, knowledge base forum, and hopefully soon phone call support will be added.

Money-back Guarantee

Sometimes, you may not be satisfied with the features of the services you are getting from Namecheap, or you may decide that they are not the right hosting service for your business, and you may have paid a massive amount or a long-term fee for the services.

Well, don’t panic because Namecheap is giving you an entitlement of 30-day-money-back guarantee, in case you didn’t find what you are looking for within these days then you will be able to request back for a refund.

Namecheap Hosting Types and Plans

Apart from the famous, well-known shared hosting, you will also get other hosting plans that will be suitable for what you may need.

Shared Hosting

This plan is the least you could get for as low as $1.44/month for a start, which is most likely suitable and comfortable for a total beginner.

This plan is well-known, and you will get some cool features like(for a year):

  • Complete cPanel
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Year free .website domain name
  • Privacy protection
  • Up to 50 free Positive SSL certificates

Apart from all those features above, you will also get handy tools like Website Builder, which lets you build your website within minutes and AutoBackup, which performs automatic backups to keep your website data safe and secure.

VPS Hosting

Virtual private server(VPS) is a speedy hosting server than any other hosting plan. We’ve talked about the VPS many times, so I am going to list out only their “packages” and specific features.

This plan comes in two packages in Namecheap, which is the Pulsar and Quasar package with you can begin for as low as $11.88/month and $19.88/month.

And you can also enjoy all these following benefits that you get from Shared Hosting Plans, Plus, these features below.

  • Top security standards
  • Full root access and operating system (OS) selection
  • Server management of your choice
  • Free to transfer existing websites and VPS to Namecheap without paying a dime

Dedicated Server Hosting

We also talked about Dedicated Server Hosting many times in our previous articles.

Just a brief, This plan is specifically for large-scale business websites that deal with a lot of traffic.

You can get a physical server that’s 100% yours that you can manage yourself or let Namecheap manage it for you.

You will get some good features with this plan like Free Migration, 99.99% Uptime, Datacenter-Powered Reliability that is hosted in the renowned PhoenixNAP datacenter in the US.

You can count on for the highest of standards and reliable service, 24/7 Customer Support, and server-level choice to meet your exact needs, whether you run a small application, a medium-sized database, or a high-traffic website.

Here are the servers types below:

  • Entry Level: Best for all sites with high traffic, smaller applications, and resellers.
  • Medium Level: Good for small SaaS, large resellers, databases, or a variety of applications.
  • Advanced Level: It’s an excellent choice for large SaaS, multi-user applications, extensive databases, and virtualization.
  • Outlet: This is for all Clearance/Legacy Servers, which is best for users on a budget. 

With this hosting plan, you can quickly get started same-day no hard setup, and you can begin for as low as $36.88, which is the least from their Xeon E3-1240 v3, Xeon E3-1271 v3, and Dual Xeon E5-2620 package plan.

Reseller Hosting

Namecheap is offering you a chance to become a hosting provider.

With this reseller hosting plan, you can access to launch your own hosting business or host multiple sites with their cPanel/WHM-powered reseller hosting.

And with this plan, you will be provided free .website domain name included for each of the packages because you will get three different packages from low to the top, which is Nebula, Galaxy Expert, and Universe Pro.

The three packages come with almost the same features apart for the prices and the disk space plus the accounts you are liable to sell, every other thing is the same, and you can become a hosting reseller for as low as $18.88/month with Namecheap.

Email Hosting and WordPress Hosting

Apart from the top hosting plans above, you will also get email hosting on Namecheap that helps you keep your email data privately with their secure Open-Xchange email cloud, and you can get started for this plan for as low as $9.88/year.

Why the WordPress hosting gives you a hassle-free website building with a drag and drop EasyWP that allows you to install WordPress in minutes, and you begin to make use of it with no waste of time.

The WordPress hosting is high-speed, and you can also use your own domain from any provider with it.

Features of Namecheap WordPress Hosting

  • Easy Backups and Restores
  • Powered by Namecheap Cloud
  • Temporary EasyWP free domain
  • SFTP & Database Access
  • Support for any domain
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • 1x WordPress website installed
  • 24/7 Namecheap Support included

Domain Registration

This one is what I highly recommend with Namecheap.

Namecheap is generally known as a domain registrar company, which is one of the biggest ones in the world.

If a domain name is all you want to get, then Namecheap never fails to give the best at an affordable price with tons of features to keep your Domain name protected and well-secured.

One of the reasons why Namecheap got you covered when it comes to getting a domain name for your brand is basically the WhoisGuard Privacy Protection.

It keeps your personal registration information safe from being listed to WHOIS public directory, which gives everyone access to your data.

It also reduces spam and protects you against identity theft, which you can get free of charge on Namecheap.

You will also get a Reliable DNS featuring URL and email forwarding, as well as real-time record modification that adapts automatically to any change of IP address without giving your site any downtime.

A PositiveSSL certificate lets you secure your domain and to give your client trust that your domain name is worthy.

You will get Namecheap professional experts that are available 24/7 to walk you through the process of setting it up and to give a solution answer to all your questions.

I've included how to register a domain name with Namecheap in the previous article.

Namecheap Pros and Cons

Here are some pros that make Namecheap hosting a worthy place to host your site as well as some cons that Namecheap is currently working for improvement.


  • Fair Pricing Policy
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Free and fast migrations
  • Domain names are very cheap indeed
  • Excellent Starting Plan
  • Reliable and fast enough hosting services
  • Amazing Domain Registration Options
  • Unique status page and design interface that is user-friendly
  • Quick and easy registration and setup process
  • 24/7 quality support


  • SSD-accelerated
  • Limited Space
  • No phone supports
  • Data Centers are few for now
  • Live support speed depends on what plan type you have

Do We Recommend Namecheap?

As a domain registrar, Yes, I do.
As a hosting service, Maybe.

But as for what I have recorded so far, I honestly see no reason why I should turn down these fantastic offers, so I recommend Namecheap.

They are reliable, good speed, fast-responding customers support, cheap names indeed, and it’s perfect for those who are on a low budget.
If you are on good budget and looking for real good hosting, you might want to check out HostGator, DreamHost, Bluehost, A2 Hosting, etc..
Actually, there are so many excellent hosting services out there.

Namecheap Cheapest Hosting Plan Pricing at Glance

This one is the cheapest hosting plan on Namecheap that comes with 50% off if you are subscribing to the yearly plan on your first year.

  • Stellar: Starts from $2.88/month, and you can host up to three websites on 20GB of space on SSD-accelerated servers. You will also have access to 30 email accounts in total and 50 MySQL databases with twice a week's automatic backup.
  • Stellar Plus: Starts from $4.88/month with access to host unlimited websites on unlimited space, with unlimited emails and unmetered bandwidth. And the servers are not pure SSD.
  • Stellar Business: Starts from $7.88 with unlimited websites, unmetered bandwidth, daily and weekly backups, and .

Full features with these plans

  • Storage Space: 20GB for the smallest, 50GB (SSD) space for the most significant plan and unmetered for the medium offering
  • Domain Name: Free .website domain name with privacy protection 
  • SSL Certificate: 50 PositiveSSL certificates and free SSL Certificates
  • Email Address: 30 email accounts for the smallest plan, and unlimited for the other two plans
  • Bandwidth: Unmetered across the board
  • Migration: Free migration from cPanel hosting
  • Database: 50 MySQL databases for the stellar plan, while you get unlimited for the rest with PostgreSQL
  • More: Free website builder and 30-day money-back guarantee

This plan is just the leading and most popular plan of all.

However, you can explore through Namecheap hosting website to check for the others hosting plan pricing and features.

Conclusion and Next Steps

No doubt, Namecheap is indeed the best for domain services, and it’s a good budget hosting option with no limitations for your website. 

If you are asking about the next steps, then don’t hesitate, head over to Namecheap now to get your affordable website rolling though the internet server.

I hope you have found this Namecheap full review informative, well, if you do or have any question, kindly leave a message below, and I will be eager to help. Thanks.

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