Mobile App Versus Mobile Website: Which Is Better?

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Today I am going to be talking about a topic with you about Which is the better option between Mobile website and Mobile app.

Yep, As we all know, This topic about which is better between mobile websites and mobile apps has been a very heated one of debate for quite a long period. We’ve seen a lot of people ask if they need only a website or they should back it up with a mobile app.


Personally, I also received the exact same questions too many times when I was in interviews with clients.

And many of them believe that we do not need a mobile app, and all we need is a mobile website that looks and feels good on our mobile device.

As for some others, they think that mobile apps are much more beneficial and provide more than what a mobile website can ever think of providing. The question still remains; who is actually right?

The fact is that everybody needs a website that is highly responsive and looks great on our mobile device. While it is not only easy to get a website that meets these responsive criteria, there are no recorded downsides or disadvantages to it all.

The people who are going to view your website will do so using their devices, and you will need to be in support of it.

It is very obvious that you will need this responsive website, but you will also need a mobile app which is better than your mobile website.

However, at face value, both mobile apps and websites actually look similar to one another, but they are actually two very different mediums that are on mobile.

To win this debate, there are so many factors that will have to be considered including:

  • Target audience
  • The intent of both mediums, and;
  • Budget

In a bid to make it simpler for everyone to focus all of their efforts on where it needs to be, I am going to give you my personal breakdown on how each of the two options has an impact on the experience of users.

Alright, Let’s go.

Is A Mobile Website The Best Option?

On a general note, a mobile website is, in the real sense, not a separate website, it is actually a responsive design that functions on any of your screen sizes.


The mobile visitors to the website are capable of easily accessing the majority of the content that you have on your website, but this is done in a way in which it is optimized for small screens.

Pros And Cons

The advantages and disadvantages of a mobile website are listed as follows.

For its advantage:

  • It is cheap; This is the most crucial one right?
  • It functions effectively on all devices. This means that it does not demand a separate site for either iOS or Android.
  • It is very simple to set up. All that is needed is a domain as well as hosting.

For its disadvantages, it includes:

  • It does not make use of push notification
  • There is no offline access
  • There is no presence of an app store
  • If the website design is poor, it can lead to problems that center around performance issues, user-experiences, designs that are cluttered, etc.

The fact remains that, a well-structured mobile website can actually turn into being a huge business asset for the owner.

Features Of Mobile Websites

Some essential features of mobile websites that have huge impacts on the user experience include:

  • They are available for all users

Differing greatly from mobile apps that only function effectively on certain platforms, a mobile website can be easily accessed from any type of mobile device. It does not matter the type of operating system.

All that is important is that there is an internet connection available. Nonetheless, it is vital to remember that quality, speed, and network access are all factors that affect the mobile web experience of users.

Also, these responsive websites do not have to be downloaded or even set up as they are completely free, unlike mobile apps that are available on app stores.

  • Users do not need to update

Also, with the responsive mobile website, users do not have the time to spend in the installation of newer versions as well as updates in a bid to experience enhancements on your website.

Because websites are simple to update, bugs are fixed plus backup, the users are more than likely not to notice the update procedure.

  • It is cost-effective

The issue of cost-effectiveness is more beneficial to a business and does not really have any effect on the experience of users.

However, relying solely on difficulties, a responsive mobile website can actually be more cost-effective than the development of a mobile app.

Moreover, the cost is a very vital factor that should be considered especially by those who want their app to have a presence on about two platforms or more.

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How Mobile Apps Differ

Traditional mobile apps are majorly for much more specific platforms, such as Android and iOS. A user can easily download and install a mobile app on their smartphone devices.


On a general note, the traditional apps provide a much faster and more responsive user experience when compared to what mobile websites have to offer.

Pros And Cons Of Mobile Apps

Every good thing comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

For its advantages, it includes:

  • It allows push notifications that are used to send text messages to other subscribers
  • It can be accessed offline
  • Its performance is great
  • It is less cluttered

Its cons include:

  • It is extra expensive
  • It makes use of an extra setup

Basically, mobile apps are ideal for easily accessing contents that are offline. These contents include listening to an audiotape or reading an article while on a plane.

Features Of Mobile App

Some features of the mobile app that are impactful on the user experience include:

  • It is highly interactive for the user

The mobile app enables you to provide your current clients or users some added value through a very visible channel for engagement.

Instead of staring at the same old text and images like a website, the mobile app can merge features that enable users to communicate with some specific components on the app.

  • Customization

The mobile app enables users to install their preference once the app is downloaded, and they can customize it to whatever suit all of their desires.

The mobile app can also be used to monitor user engagement and used to provide custom updates and recommendations. This, in turn, makes the app more useful to the user.

Furthermore, these apps also enable businesses to transfer tailored interactions to users based on their location, usage behavior, location, and so much more.

  • The capability of working offline

The mobile app can function without any internet connection. While most of the apps demand connectivity to the internet to function and execute the majority of their tasks, they can still provide content to users while in their offline mode.

Through this, users can access information at any point in time and anywhere.

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Summing It Up

After such an in-depth analysis, knowing which is better between the mobile app and mobile website solely depends on you and your business.

There are lots of businesses that prefer making use of not only a mobile website but also a mobile app. At the end of the day, instead of trying to choose one over the other, it will not be a bad idea to incorporate both into all of your mobile strategies.

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  • I only recently thought about releasing an app linked to our business, as at the time we were planning on setting up a website which was long overdue. Thanks for taking the time to clear up some of these pros and cons for us! 

    I am wondering if there is any way an app can have a direct contact for customers/visitors?

    For example, can apps have comment section/pages?

  • This Is really Nice and I find it very useful to me because I’m part of those asking that question in mind. I’ve always wondered which one to choose, reading this article, I’m only able to decide on one thing and its the fact that both mediums have there pros and cons, again considering the criteria you stated, they both operate in a kind of different way. So, I think they both have their advantages. Its really nice to read this review, its educative. Thank you.

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