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To make money with Affiliate Marketing is Not That Hard if you follow the Correct Scheme.

Yes, Making money with affiliate marketing is not that hard indeed.

There are already hundreds of people that I know who make $10,000/month with affiliate marketing.

But This doesn’t mean that it can be achieved easily!

This is not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme or Quick-Money-Making System.

So Before we dive into Learning Affiliate Marketing, I will be asking you the following things:

If you can answer with YES, you can definitely make it happen – you can be one of those who succeed in the online world, and this learning course is created just for those people.

Alright, So This learning course will guide you about how to build a real profitable affiliate business.

If you don’t know what the affiliate marketing is and how it works, Don’t worry, I’ve created email courses as well to give you the basics of affiliate marketing plus helpful affiliate knowledge.

Actually, Making a small amount of money with Affiliate Marketing is somewhat easy but to make 6-figure passive income with Affiliate Marketing has never been easier.

It can never be done without the correct strategy and good mindsets.

I’ve been studying and researching how to make money with Affiliate marketing (Not only with Affiliate marketing but with also so many ways such as Dropshipping, Amazon FBA, Network Marketing, etc.) from 2014  and now it’s been over 5 years so far.

I questioned myself: “what is the failure reason?”

I tried almost everything and spent lots of money to make it happen, but because of without having the correct strategy and a proven platform, I was not able to make it happen.

Of course, I made a small amount of profit so far but I’ve faced a lot more countless failures and it made me so much depressed and most of them were happened due to followed those tons of stupid advice from people who really didn’t know what they are doing. 

But I Never Gave Up.

I learned something new from those failures and mistakes that I’ve made and tried something new again to figure out the way.

Because I have a dream and I believe that it might be the same for everyone.

Finally, I was able to figure out the correct platform and correct strategy to make it happen – to make stable passive income source for the lifetime – and it really worked out.

And I decided to share my knowledge with the online entrepreneurs and totalized them into a few courses below for you who are struggling with making money online.

This is Not a One-Time working strategy, but it works for you consistently.

Even though I’ve been doing this business for over 5 years, many of the knowledge that I am going to share with you at the below comes from Wealthy Affiliate Community that I joined in 2019.

Wealthy Affiliate is the place that I’ve finally settled down to make my dream come true.

This community was really awesome where I could re-arrange my knowledge and could start up again with the correct strategy.

This active community provides well-described training videos and tons of invaluable knowledge for affiliate marketing newbies as well as everyone no matter what their expertise level is.

Also, it has millions of active positive-minded members who are trying to build their online business and are willing to help you out whatever your problem is.

You can even build your own website for free – just at zero cost – within this community and it provides step-by-step guides to make your roads to success.

They also provide 24/7 online technical support, Live chat, Private message, tons of invaluable knowledge which I have mentioned above, and many more.

Do you remember that we need to have a proven platform? Wealthy Affiliate is a straight answer for that. 

And All of these are the main reasons why I am highly recommending this community and due to these reasons, I very much encourage you to join Wealthy Affiliate.

I would say that Wealthy Affiliate is a really amazing community to build your successful online business.

You could check out my full extensive review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Alright, With these mindsets, Let’s dive in.

This Learning course consists of 10 steps curve that you can learn proven affiliate marketing strategy.

This will help you to shorten your way to success.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

10 steps strategy to success

  1. Pick your niche
    This is the very first step what you need to care about when you are building your own first affiliate business.
  2. Pick a brandable domain name
    In this step, you will be learning about how to pick up a brandable domain which is essential, because that could represent what your whole business does.
  3. What hosting should you go for: Shared, VPS or Dedicated?
    Are you familiar with hosting cloud server? In this step, you will be learning what the hosting cloud is and how it works as well as how to choose an appropriate server that fits your niche website.
  4. Keyword research for money and educational pages/posts
    This is another essential step that you must go through for real profitable niche website.
  5. Build your affiliate website
    Finally, you are now ready to build your affiliate website, but this is not the end, this is just a start. You have much more things to do next. In this step, you will be learning about what content you should choose(money content vs educational content), Product research, Which theme & plugins to use, How to build UI/UX efficiently, etc…
  6. Niche site launching checklist – 23 things to do before your niche site goes live
    As described in the title, you will be learning about what things you need to care before you launch your website to the online world.
  7. On-Page SEO checklist
    SEO has always been a hot topic among network marketers and Having a good knowledge of SEO is fundamental for anyone who’s trying to build their online businesses.
    In this step, you will get an exclusive knowledge about the SEO and things to avoid(like Investing high on the off-page won’t work unless there are properly done), Checklist, etc.
  8. Getting traffic to your website
    Traffic = Profit. From this formula, It seems obvious that getting a huge amount of traffic is very important, right? Don’t miss out this step!
  9. Signing for affiliate programs
    Yes! It’s time to start doing your affiliate marketing. Sign in to the affiliate programs which are related to your niche and start benefiting with your niche website.
  10. Conversation optimization for your niche website
    As the last step, you will be learning about some tips and methods that will boost up your conversion rate drastically.
Besides these steps, I also include a few posts that I think important.
  • How to write a killer top product review page for your niche site?
  • What Is a High-Quality Backlink in Google’s Eye?
  • These 16 mistakes will get you banned on Amazon
  • How to Speed Up Your WordPress Powered Niche Site and why is that important
  • Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Amazon Niche Site
  • How to Hire Freelance Content Writers for Niche Websites
  • Understanding Basic Affiliate Funnels
  • How to Generate Tons Of Blog Post Ideas
  • How to Analyze Your Traffic to increase your traffic amount
  • Why should you need to run A/B or A/B/C/D tests to improve conversions?
  • XXX SEO tips that really work in 2019
  • Email marketing guide: how to get more quality traffic using email marketing?
  • How to get traffic to your niche site from social media?

Hi Ladies and Dudes! Greetings from another part of the world! This is Eli and Owner of Digitized Profit. It's so great to meet you here. I have been a software developer for over a decade and I am still doing it as it's my passion. I started my online business in 2014 in many different ways. Failed, New Try, Failed, New Try, Failed, New Try...: This is a bit copy of me. Finally, I was able to make my own way to success with the help of Wealthy Affiliate which is a Super Community for online entrepreneurs. Read more about Why WA is the Best Place for people who are struggling to build their own business.

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