How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – Simple way to make money online

If you are interested in making money online, then one of the best ways to do that is through affiliate marketing that might be new to most people.

As at now and even years to come, Affiliate marketing will remain one of the best ways to earn a steady income on the internet.

Because as the e-commerce business keeps growing, affiliate marketing is going to grow as well.

You might have been thinking about how you can get started with affiliate marketing as a total beginner?
In this article, Let me cover brief lines that you need to understand about affiliate marketing, how it works, and how you can begin a career with it to make your first sales online.

However, if you are completely new to affiliate marketing, these processes below might be very helpful.

What Do We Understand About Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an online business model that gives an affiliate or digital marketer the ability to get paid by commissions through people's products you are promoting.

By joining affiliate programs, you will get unique links of the products you will be promoting and earn commissions of the sales price if someone buys through your affiliate link.

Shedding more light to this, in affiliate marketing, you will search for products/services to promote, and you get paid for every sale your affiliate link generates.

As long as you keep promoting products, you will also keep earning, and there's no limit to how much you can make as an affiliate marketer.

For example, if an affiliate product pays $20/sale, and you refer 10 customers who buy the product, you will receive $200 as your commission.

Who are You as an Affiliate Marketer?

An affiliate marketer is a person who sales and promotes other people's or business's products online from various angles or a particular niche in exchange for a commission.

As an affiliate marketer, you can offer products and services to anyone without being the inventor of products and services.

And it's much easier for you as an affiliate marketer to be a blogger because this will make it more comfortable for you to find a product or service that you like, promote it to your blog readers, and make money.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  • Low startup costs or no startup: The only costs that may involve in affiliate marketing are the costs of putting up a website, and you can also get a free blog without paying a dime. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is the right place you can get a website for free.
  • Passive income always: With affiliate program first-time setup, you can continue making commissions regularly as long as the product you are promoting is still available for sale.
  • Total control over the products you are promoting: You can pick any products you wish to promote and start with the advertisements on your blog.
  • You don't need to create or own your products, and you don't need to have a physical office: The best benefit I love about affiliate marketing the most is that you don't need to start making the products or providing the service you want to promote.

Once you get the product from stores online, you can start selling as soon as your website and social media accounts are ready.

Affiliate Marketing Basics and Requirements to Get Started

I'm sure you understand what affiliate marketing means by now, and how it works.

Well, we can now go steps in the next process on how you can start your affiliate marketing career.


Choosing a niche should be your first step

It's very much true that you can choose to promote any program in affiliate marketing.

Still, it's very much essential if you pick products from a field you are good at, and this should be the first thing you need to do before you kickstart your affiliate marketing journey. 

What Do We Understand by a Niche? 

A niche is an area of interest that you are good at, for example, you if you are a doctor or a nurse, then you probably belong to the health-related niche.

If you are a comedian or a musician, then you belong to the entertainment niche and so on.

So, having a niche will ensure you speak to a particular target audience instead of trying to talk to everybody, and we have so many niches that you may be interested in, all you need to do it's select your area of interest.

Here are some examples of niches

  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Business
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Technology
  • Automobiles
  • Insurance
  • Family
  • Finance
  • and so on.
Guide in Selecting a Perfect Niche for Your Affiliate Marketing Career

In niche, we have broad niches like the listed ones above.

Still, these niches can be broken down into sub-niches, and a sub-niche under a broad niche may be the area of your interest that is very important for you to know so that you won't end up focusing on a broad niche that won't yield you profit.

To select your perfect niche, look for the sub-niche under the broad niche you are interested in, and focus on your targeted customer.

For example, Health niche as sub-niches like skincare, weight loss, men's health, etc. and under technology niche, you will see mobile and pc gadgets, programming, web development, and so on.

So, look for the sub-niche under your targeted broad niche, and if you are an expert in promoting all the broad niche products, go ahead.


Build your website around that niche

After you have selected your niche, the next steps to take is to build your website for that niche so that your promoting will be mindful.

Although you can promote affiliate products without having a website, it would be advisable you have your site if you want long-term success.

You will also look more professional by having a website.


By joining affiliate networks

Once you have the first two steps ready, the next thing to do is joining various affiliate networks online to get products and start making money.

Because finding a legitimate affiliate program that you will promote to your targeted customers with no issue is not that easy as it sounds.

However, it's not that complicated.

Still, the best way to find affiliate programs is through affiliate networks, and in them, you could get a lot of products in any niches that you could imagine.

And you will get paid from them directly, and you can also get products from the company directly, for example, you can head over to Amazon and join their affiliate program and search for products on your niche for promotion.

Sneak peek of some affiliate networks you can enter


Always read through the terms and conditions/rules of the affiliate networks because every affiliate network has its own rules, and it will be useful if you know them so that you won't have any issue after making some sales.


Promote affiliate products and make your first commission

The next thing now is for you to start promoting affiliate products and secure passive income. However, if you fail to work hard by promoting products, the above steps might not go well, so take action by promoting and to get organic traffic to the products or services, make sure people get to see and purchase the product.

There are several working ways to promote affiliate products without your website, but always take note that your niche website is the first source of promoting affiliate products to your targeted readers. 

These are some ways you can use to promote affiliate products:
Writing product reviews on your website and other websites as a guest post, placing banners/affiliate links on your blog, paid traffic, email marketing, social media, search engine traffic, etc.

How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

Now that you have the whole idea of how affiliate marketing works, I guess the question in your head right now is how can I get paid?

Before we dig into the Payment methods you can use to receive your commissions, let me show you some ways that the affiliate marketers get paid by promoting affiliate products.

This is essential for you to know how you can earn much and They are:

  • Pay per sale: This means you will only receive a percentage of the sale price of the product after a consumer purchases the product that you promote, which also means if the consumer did not buy the product, then you will earn nothing.
  • Pay per lead: With this process, you will get compensated based on the conversion of leads. Which means, if your audience visits the merchant's website and complete some simple tasks, it's either by filling out a simple form, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading software or files or signing up for a trial of a product.
  • Pay per click: You will earn by directing your website users to the merchant's site, as long as they visited the site with your affiliate link and you will get paid on the amount of web traffic you directed to the merchant site.

Now, how do I withdraw my earnings?

Take note that every affiliate network has its supported payment method and a certain threshold you need to reach before you get paid.

Some might set their default payment threshold from $100 upward or even lesser.


As for the payment methods, they are likely going to pay you through PayPal, Direct Bank Deposit, Payoneer, and Checks.

Conclusion - What's Next?

I am sure by now, you are so eager to get started with your affiliate marketing career, but before you go further, what are the next steps to take? The next step you should take right now it's reaching out to learn more in a standard way from coaches, and guru's in the field.

And the best place to learn and even promote affiliate products is Wealthy Affiliate because on WA platform you will learn a lot with practical videos, live webinars, and you will get the chance to learn directly from Wealthy Affiliate co-founders.

However, you will also get the opportunity to build your professional affiliate website without paying a dime.

You can read through Wealthy Affiliate community review to learn more about them or even earn your first commission by promoting WA Affiliate Program.

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