LambdaTest Review – Best Browser Compatibility Testing Tool

Today, I am going to give you LambdaTest Review which is Cross Browser Testing Tool online.

Cross-Browser Testing Tool is a must-have tool for every web developer, web owners, and programmers to test run any of their web projects constantly on multiple browsers because by making use of the cross-browser testing tool you can easily check how your web application or projects is functioning across all browsers on the internet.

And I am sure you know that every browser offers support for you to test your projects with plug-in extension and so on, but they are not to be compared with a good working cross-browser testing tool, and that’s why we have chosen a reliable platform that we are sure you will enjoy using their services to test your projects before presenting them to the world and in a bit you will know more about this Cross-browser testing tool which is LambdaTest.


However, you might think if it’s necessary or important to perform cross-browser testing for your web projects.

Well, if you think is not important for you as a web owner but to a programmer or web developer I bet you do because no developer can maintain a library of operating systems, their respective browsers, supported browser versions, devices, and screen sizes of all devices that represent your UI and that’s where cross-browser testing tools are needed because with them you can easily maintain and correct all that needs to be corrected at once.

And LambdaTest cross-browser testing tool is all we will talk about in this content for you to get started and enjoy the best Technology experience ever, but before we go deep into that let’s quickly talk about how does Cross-Browser testing tool works.

How does the Cross-Browser Testing Tool Works?

What you need to know is that there are two ways known to us to perform or to know how cross-browser testing works which automated and manual which we will quickly review these two ways to you.

Manual Cross-Browser Testing

You know how manual operate to automatic, well this manual testing tool involves the use of multiple machines, multiple operating systems, various browsers, and running the same test cases on different browsers repeatedly.

Developers and testers first identify the browsers they want the application to support properly in a manual method, and then they re-run the same test cases on other different browsers to observe the performance of their web project to see if any bugs need attention.


And I am sure you know how difficult driving manual car unlike automatic, same with cross-browser because it’s difficult to perform cross-browser testing on every browser because you will sacrifice a lot of time doing that and the end there is no guarantee that the application can be tested on major browser versions with manual method.

Automated Cross-Browser Testing

This method is almost the same to the manual testing method because it also requires running the same test cases multiple times on various browsers, but the only difference between them is that this method uses an automation tool to make the overall cross-browser testing process more manageable and fast.


Unlike, manual cross-browser testing, this method is less expensive, less challenging, and less time-consuming and with automation testing, testers write test scripts on their own and use suitable software to test web applications. It increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the cross-browser testing process.

But the most challenging thing in this method is by choosing the right automation tool that meets all your basic needs and that can make the work more easy for you because there are different tools out there in the market like Ranorex, TestComplete, SoapUI, and so on, some of them are expensive, and some have a complicated way of using the tool.

How to Choose the Right Automation Testing Tool?

When it comes to choosing the right tool for your cross-browser testing, all you need to put into consideration is Selenium, because they have rated this platform to be the best testing framework for automation testing, and they support almost every programming language.

And this tool comes in four major tools which are Selenium IDE, RC, WebDriver, and Selenium Grid. And they all carry out the same operation.


But the most recommended out of these four to work with is Selenium Grid because you can test run on different machines against different browsers and browser versions in parallel and to choose the best Automation tool work within this field all you need is LambdaTest Cross-browser testing tool because this tool is one such online Selenium Grid that provides all the browsers and operating systems in the cloud and with them, you need not download or install browsers in your local system, now let’s have a look on LambdaTest tool.

What Is LambdaTest?

LambdaTest is a scalable cloud-based cross-browser testing tool that gives you access to run a test to all your web elements like JavaScript, CSS, HTLM5, Video and more for better UI across every desktop and mobile web browser with support of manual, visual, and automated testing and you can perform your cross-browser testing for web applications on over 2000 browsers, operating systems, and devices.


Who is LambdaTest Tool for?

You may still wonder maybe if you are in the category of those who this tool for, believe me, there are many people who could enjoy this tool for some professional and personal reasons and here is the list of people’s who is liable to use this tool.

  • Web Developers
  • Software Testers
  • IT Professionals
  • Web Developing Firms
  • Web Designers
  • Marketing Executives
  • Individuals use on personal computers.

These are only a few we can mention now, which I am sure that there are other people as well who are not on the list that will still make use of this tool.

LambdaTest Pros and Cons

Of a truth, life is black and white and so it is with good and bad and that’s why we will look at the pros and cons of these powerful tools but remember you can’t be on both bad and good side, you just have to be one. Wait, what does that have to do with LambdaTest? Wait, we will find out now.

LambdaTest Pros:

  • The UI and UX it’s very cool and easy to use
  • They always offer an up to date service with the latest version of browsers.
  • LambdaTest has Jira, Asana, Trello, and Slack integration alongside the functionality of SSH Tunnel
  • They are affordable and reliable
  • They are always available for you 24×7 with their reliable customer support

LambdaTest Cons:

  • I tried a lot but To me, I didn’t find anything wrong about this tool. This tool is just too perfect. πŸ™‚

==> Join LambdaTest Now to Claim Your Free Offer <==

Features of LambdaTest Cross-Browser Testing Tool

Browser Compatibility Test

With LambdaTest you can perform live browser compatibility testing with full flexibility to prepare a live interactive cross-browser compatibility test environment with your choice of the desired desktop and mobile browsers, browser versions, operating systems, and resolutions.

Automated Screenshots

With LambdaTest automated screenshots, you can easily perform visual cross-browser compatibility tests on over 2000 mobile and desktop browsers by selecting the configurations.

You do not have to test manually for each combination, because you get full-screen images in seconds.

Chrome Extension

LambdaTest also offers a Chrome extension that allows testers to take full-screen images of the web pages on multiple desktops and mobile browsers with one click.

These screenshots help with accelerated testing of cross-browser compatibility of web pages and web applications.

Debug Test Cases

LambdaTest helps developers to analyze and debug your Selenium tests with multiple types of test logs, e.g metadata logs, network logs, job logs, exception logs, visual logs, and unprocessed selenium logs so you can address any technical issues that come your way.

Test on Latest and Legacy Browsers

There are many browsers on the internet to test your projects, but the problem you get is to download them one by one, which is a total waste of time.

But LambdaTest gives you full access to test your web application, even on the latest desktop browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and more.

It also supports the latest versions of operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.


LambdaTest integrates with debugging and communication tools.

Debug synchronization allows developers to work faster to keep their websites and web applications running smoothly, while the connection to communication apps allows teams to work together smoothly.

And it also offers integration support for One-click Bug logging, with which you can push problems directly from LambdaTest to third-party project management or communication tools, e.g JIRA, Asana, Slack, Trello, BitBucket, GitLab, GitHub, Clubhouse, VSTS, BugHerd, Mantis and more.

Inbuilt Issue Tracker

This function gives you access to not use a third-party management tool to detect bugs in web applications.

This means that with this built-in issue tracker from the LambdaTest tool you can manage your bugs directly from the LambdaTest platform while performing Selenium tests.

The built-in issue tracker gives you full control to assign, track, export to PDF, share bugs, and gets full control using their built-in issue tracker. It is easy and flexible to use.

24/7 Support

In case you encounter a problem that you cannot solve yourself, LambdaTest also offers you a 24/7 full support team to help you with certain things unknown to you and they are experts in that.

All you have to do is reach them via live chat, a phone call or via email at and the support team does their best to resolve the issue immediately.

Overview on How to Get Started With LambdaTest Automation Tool

There are many browsers out there in the market for all kinds of devices like a desktop, mobile, tablets and different operating systems like Android, Mac, iOS, Linux and Windows for the user to access your website, web application or any of your online project through various browsers that you may never know of.

And that’s why it’s so important for you to perform cross-browser compatibility testing on almost every device, OS, and browsers. And with LambdaTest you can get all these done at once.


To make use of the LambdaTest tool to test your projects, all you need to do first it’s to register an account with LambdaTest on their website and all you need to sign up is your email address with a password then you are good to go.

==> Click Here to Sign Up for LambdaTest. <==

Once you have registered an account with them successfully, you can now use the tool but there will be limit to the things you do because LambdaTest offers its services in Free and Paid version, if you first complete your registration then you have access to use the tool for free, but if you need to access the pro features of the tool then you need the paid version, let’s look at the pricing list below.

LambdaTest Pricing Plans

You can get any of their packages of your choice from Lite Plan, Live Plan, Web Automation Pro Plan or Enterprise Customized Plan.


Lite Lifetime Free

After registration, you will get full access to this plan for free with features of 60 mins/month Real-time Browser Testing, 6 Sessions of 10 minutes each, 10 Screenshot Tests per month, 10 Responsive Tests per month, 24×7 Support, 3rd Party App Integrations, and Free 200 Automation Minutes for 15 days for you to enjoy be considering moving to a paid plan.

Live/Solo Plan

All you will get on this plan is an Unlimited Real-time Browser Testing, Unlimited Screenshot Testing, Unlimited Responsive Testing, 24×7 Support, 3rd Party App Integrations, and Free 200 Automation Minutes for 15 days and you can get started with this plan for $15 per month.

Web Automation PRO Plan

This plan is for complete web automation with cool features for you to roll with, which are Unlimited Automation Testing, Unlimited Real-time Browser Testing, Unlimited Screenshot Testing, Unlimited Responsive Testing, 24×7 Support, 3rd Party App Integrations, and you can get started with this for $79 monthly.

Enterprise Customized Plan

Why this plan is not with price, they will give you a custom offer according to the way you want to use it, but you will enjoy cool features the Unlimited Automation Testing, Unlimited Real-time Browser Testing, Unlimited Screenshot Testing, Unlimited Responsive Testing, 24×7 Support, and 3rd Party App Integrations.
All you need to get started with this plan is to contact sales on their page to make a request.

==> Join LambdaTest Now to Claim Your Free Offer <==

Final Words

Although I don’t know what your saying about this tool is, or which tool you prefer more than this, all I would like to say is that from my research and experience and according to all customer reviews about them, LambdaTest is no doubt one of the best cross-browser testing tools and the most useful tool everyone could wish for.

The user interface is well-designed, they are reliable, affordable with 24/7 support to make things more easier for you, and I recommend you to get started with the LambdaTest automated cross-browser testing tool now to enjoy an easy technology digital life.

And If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below in the comment section and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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    • Hi Chris,

      LambdaTest tool makes you allow to test your websites across all the web browsers and devices.

      I believe you might use just only one or 2 browsers on 2 or 3 devices(PC, or Mac or your phone), but the fact is there are too many different web browsers & devices online that users used to use to access your website.

      And you won’t know how it performs out on their browsers and devices, in any case, your website is broken on their browsers or devices, you definitely lose that customer.

      Also, you cannot install & buy all of browsers & devices just for the test, right? πŸ™‚

      That’s the reason why LambdaTest tool is the tool for someone who’s looking for the way to check these out.

      Btw, It doesn’t require any technical-minded thing as it’s very easy to use.

      Give it a try and you could understand easily what it is.

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