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Hi everyone! Welcome to Digitized Profit Website!

It’s really great to meet you here!

I am Eli and Owner of Digitized Profit.

Developing software has been a passion of mine since I was 14 years old and It has already been over a decade that I’ve worked as a software developer. I am proud of being a tech-savvy in this field. lol~

Of course, I started that from my hobby, but on the other hand, I also hoped I could make enough income from it to live without any financial problem. 🙂

And yes, that worked. I made enough income with that, actually.

But Honestly, that was sometimes very tough, I often had to work all day & night, had to wake up early in the morning, had to take care of all my clients, etc.

I love traveling, but I barely had a chance of it as well, 2 or 3 times a year were like a present to me.

I literally had no freedom. I had to do much more things that I didn’t want to do.

I’ve decided to start building my own business!

I started to think of building my own business that makes money passively even while I am sleeping! I wanted to make my own life.

This keyword was what I searched first online for my business.

From 2014, I started to research online. Surprisingly, There were tons of “advice” and millions of ways to do it.

I kept reading, reading, reading. There were too many too good articles that I wanted to read.

I spent more than a year on only reading, Pretty much long time, coz I was so lazy boy. lol~

Besides, I had my full-time job at that time, I couldn’t be able to put much time to read. Maybe only around 1 or 2 hrs a day, or even skipped several days.

Almost all the advice were so convincible, So I thought I could make myself a “millionaire” really very soon by following those “experts” advice.

So Any luck with my “business” so far?

Hmm… Well, Not really. I think it’s No.

This is too attractive, isn’t it?
But I’d advise you to stay away from those garbage advice!

As a newbie into the online business, What attracted me the best were “Get-Quick-Rich” schemes, their advertisements were so “brilliant” at that time, were like a fancy to me.

I started to invest in them because It would be fantastic if It really happens!

So what happened? Well, Needless to say, nothing happened, I lost time and money. I researched about those schemes and found out many reviews that said they were scams!

Hmm… I thought I am stupid… How can I think of being a millionaire without doing nothing? If that was so easy to do, anyone could be a millionaire!

I really don’t recommend you to try out those “Quick-Get-Rich-Schemes” or “Quick-Money-Making-Scheme”. It’s completely waste of time & money.

Anyways, It taught me a lesson and it let me give another try on other sections.

I started again to research and read, research and read… I guess I’ve read tens of thousands of posts and e-books in hundreds of different sections so far. And I started to try out one by one that I’ve convinced in such as Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook ads, PPC, etc… Really a lot of things so far. Anyways, I had enough money to invest at the moment. lol~

But Actually, Any of those did not work, around $200 to $400 per year was my income from my “business” for several years.

I didn’t know the reason, I didn’t even try to figure out the reason because I thought it was a common thing that applies to everyone.

Anyways, I continued trying because I believed it will happen someday.

I had a life turning point!

When I was planning a new campaign which was about online trading, I had a chance to talk with my friend. (She already had her own successful online business.)

I told her I am currently struggling to build my “business” and I showed her what I have done so far.

She was so surprised with all my result.

She said:

“Hey man, Your business is awesome! hahaha… Is this business or what?”



She said again with smiling:

“Don’t get me wrong, Eli. But seriously, you are good at software development, but you are not familiar with the business building. You are doing this without any tactics!”

I guessed she nailed it. She gave me some advice regarding my “business” and told me something very interesting that I need to shape up my “business” into a new model and there is an online platform that could help me out to build a successful online business.

It was about Wealthy Affiliate and this is the place that I’ve finally landed on to build my successful online business.

Anyways, I started trading as it was already scheduled. (I started trading on Binary.com and ExpertOption.com)

I tried Online Trading as well before I dive into WA.

So what was the result? Obviously failed again. 🙁

Well, It required huge investment and It was kind of venture to newbies like me.

At the very first time, it seemed to be another “Get-Quick-Rich” scheme, coz If I invest money, I was able to double it within a few minutes/hours/days. Even though I didn’t like this kind of schemes, It was so convincible to me. I also searched reviews about these trading platforms, but these sites seemed not scams!

In the beginning, I won a few amounts of dollars with it, but at last, I lost all the money that I invested in due to lack of knowledge of binary trading.

It was like gambling, with a 50% rate plus good knowledge and experiences, I could win. Also, it contains 50% loss potential as well! But Who knows? If you are lucky, you could succeed with it! or completely failed!

Yep, Of course, I am not telling you that they are scams or something like that. Not sure, but I believe someone is making money with it. And I also believe that He/She might be professional at what they are doing.

If you have good knowledge of trading and you like to do venturing, it might be a good choice for you.

But It’s not for me. Coz, I really love safe travel. 🙂 I thought I might give it a try later once I have enough knowledge and enough money to invest in.

And I am still studying about it, it’s really interesting to me. 🙂

I finally found the correct pathway to success online!

After 6 months of a failed campaign, I started to research about Wealthy Affiliate.

There are really tons of reviews about Wealthy Affiliate, but Any of them was not convincible to me honestly.

One day, I had a chance to watch an ads video on Youtube that was talking about 21 years young man who was making 6-figure passive income with his business! That was completely sensational news to me! The most interesting thing was that he made it with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

I can’t believe it! I thought It was a made story, Not real! I really wanted to know if that was the truth.

I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate to see if it was real.

In Nov 2018, referred by that young man Jerry, I joined Wealthy Affiliate(it was Free, fortunately!) and started to study deeply about what this platform is and how it works.

Everything was true, Firstly I amazed by Jerry’s mindset! Not only Jerry, but there were too many people out there who succeed with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. I started to fell in love with it. It taught me the reason I failed so far and give me an opportunity to succeed online as well!

I analyzed my “business” so far and made my own strategy with the help of WA!

Finally, I decided to start my real and new business with Wealthy Affiliate in Jun 2019 and I am here now!

I am now a big fan of Wealthy Affiliate, I love these people from WA community, their very positive mindset, their kindness!

Most importantly, I believe that I am now on the correct pathway to succeed and it’s started happening! I am so happy with this!

My life has been changed – I already set a new goal with a new strategy and I am now doing my best to achieve that! – This is happiness.

I will never embrace the word ‘Quit’ in my life!

Eli’s Beloved Quotes

“Nothing is Impossible If you just believe!~”

“Give it a try, Put your Effort if you feel that it is yours, Never ‘Quit’ before you achieve the goal.”

I will be sharing my experiences and success stories here along with Wealthy Affiliate.

What are your success stories with your Online Business? What are your experiences with Wealthy Affiliate?

Would Love to Hear from You. 🙂

  • Hello Eli!! My name is Ken Hawley, I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I just wanted to comment on your website and tell you that I think you have done an excellent job.
    I am looking forward to when my website get’s as good as yours. It communicates nicely.
    Also to anyone who is trying to decide how to make money on line with your own business by learning to make websites I would say JUST DO IT. I have been a member of WA for about four months now and I am very happy with the training.
    Have a great day! Ken

    • Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment, Ken.
      WA is a really worth place for online entrepreneurs absolutely.
      I believe we all can make it happen very soon. 🙂
      Have a blessed day!

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